Use SMS to reconnect with customers

The SBS team looks at how brands can use SMS to re-engage with their customers as the world starts to emerge from lockdown.

For many non-essential businesses, the global lockdown has meant that they’ve had to shut their doors and hope for the best. But as the restrictions start to ease up, and business owners breathe a sigh of relief, reconnecting with customers is a top priority and SMS is the perfect tool for it.

Here are a few ways SMS can help businesses reconnect and engage with their customers again.

1. Discounts and special offers
Get feet through your doors, or checkouts on your website, by offering your loyal customers special discounts via SMS. Whether it’s a simple 10 per cent off using a special code, or even a coupon sent as an SMS attachment, SMS makes it easy for you to remind your customers that you’re back in business.

2. Personalised campaigns
Launching a new product that you know appeals to a certain audience? Well, why not create personalised SMSes and tell your interested customers about it? Use our Web App to create different contact groups and set up your personalised fields. You’ll be sending those messages out in no-time.

3. COVID-19 precautions
Use SMS to let your customers know that you’re taking every step to ensure their safety when they come into your store. Send a downloadable PDF or infographic as an SMS attachment detailing what protocols your store follows to make sure your customers stay COVID-free when visiting.

4. Important notifications
As restrictions lift, many countries still have curfews in place. Make sure your customers know your operating hours by sending them a quick SMS message. You could also encourage your customers to use online services when your doors are closed.

5. Well-wishes and thank you’s
Your customers are the heartbeat of your company, and need to know they are valued and appreciated. Send a message to all of your customers thanking them for their continued support and wishing them well for the year to come. You’ll be surprised at how far “going that extra” mile can take you.

SMS is versatile and available on all mobile phones, making it the perfect tool for your business to reconnect with your customers. 

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