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SBS is a SMS marketing and mass text messaging service provider. It has been providing text messaging services, sms marketing, mobile marketing platform, mobile messaging, E-mail marketing & Online Advertising solutions since 2004.

SMS API Solution


Our SMS API makes it easy to integrate SMS into your website, application or CRM system. A few simple lines of code is all it takes to add SMS functionality and send automated SMS alerts, notifications, marketing messages and more to your users.

The SBS SMS API is designed from the ground up for developers interested in adding SMS to your app, website or CRM system. Our SMS API uses a REST interface and is designed for easy use and integration.

Using our SMS gateway API, you can send alerts and notifications to your users and customers, automate your SMS marketing, confirm appointments and bookings via SMS and deliver special offers to your target customer audience with ease.



How to use our SMS API

Using the SBS SMS API is simple. We’ve built our online SMS API with developers in mind, offering a variety of modules allowing you to quickly and easily configure SMS notifications for platforms such as Magento and OpenCart.

Using our API modules, you can quickly and easily add SMS confirmation messages and alerts to your ecommerce website. Our API is also easy to integrate with your appointment software to send out reminder notifications to customers, clients and prospects.

Add a few lines of code and you’re ready to start sending SMS online to your target marketing audience, existing customers or client base.

Create your SBS SMS account to learn more about how to use our SMS messaging API. You’ll gain instant access to our API documentation and code examples, making it easy to integrate Voodoo SMS with your website, app or software.

Our SMS API features

Our SMS API is built from the ground up to provide as many useful features to your business as possible. Some of these features include:
  • Send SMS online using our SMS gateway.
  • Get status alerts for each SMS, letting you check delivery for individual messages and mass text broadcasts
  • Save your new contacts to a phone book for SMS remarketing and follow-up text messages
  • Receive detailed SMS delivery reports documenting your SMS marketing campaign’s send rate, response rate and other important performance metrics
  • Fund your campaign using our volume-based pricing system.

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  • Chilaw, Sri Lanka.
  • +94 767 555 514
  • info@srilankabulksms.com
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