What is an SMS API?
12 Jan

What is an SMS API?

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What is an SMS API?

An SMS API is code that allows one platform to talk to another.  a bond is created and information can then be shared. The code takes certain criteria from the system, along with authentication keys, and turns them into a ‘readable’ and usable format for your system and SBS.

The SMS API is provided by SBS, which has a robust troubleshooting guide for developers. With it, your own Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) program and other systems can pull information from the platform and even send SMS messages.

By using an SMS API, you will be able to personalize your bulk SMS messages by including a customer’s name, allow for two-way communication, and enable One-Time Pins (OTPs). These customizable options will make your company stand out from the rest of the competition.

Once you are ready to use the SMS API, you’ll have to decide between using HTTP and REST.


What is HTTP?

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) API is suitable for almost any kind of website and is a standard on most systems. If you have an out of the box ecommerce store, a Wordpress blog, or a pre-built CRM, the HTTP API will be right for you. It’s the easiest integration to use and can be utilized in no time.


What is REST?

The Representational State Transfer (REST) SMS API is a little more complex than HTTP but allows for greater flexibility and scalability for any specialized system. It makes use of a RESTful rule set which dictates how your HTTP API is written. If your company uses a boske system or one that caters to hundreds of thousands of customers, then the REST option will likely work best for you. Though this is a bit more complex than HTTP, it is a better option overall.

Each and every mobile phone can send and receive SMS messages. It’s one of, if not the most effective and powerful pieces of communication technology. Regardless of how your business operates, it should use SMS messaging as a marketing or notification tool.

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